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David Eagleman is a profound neuroscientist, author and one of the greatest science communicator of our time. He is a brain lover known for his work on brain plasticity, time perception, synaesthesia and neurolaw.


Have you ever wondered how an entire life, lavishly colored with agonies and ecstasies, took place in these three pounds of our brain? Our identity is a moving target; it never reaches an endpoint.

Who we are depends on where we’ve been. Even though the number of brain cells is the same in children and adult, then what is the secret behind flexibility of young brains? Changes in our brain represent what we’ve done and who we are. But what happens if the brain changes because of a disease or injury? Does this also alter who we are, our personalities, our actions?

Are we the sum of our memories? Imagine a person could be split into herself/himself at all her/his different ages. Would they all agree on the same memories? If not, are they really the same person? Would it be possible to implant entirely false memories? Conscious awareness is one of the most baffling puzzles of modern neuroscience. What is the relationship between our mental experience and our physical brain? How can the matter of our brains cause us to care about anything?

What if the world around us, with its rich colours, textures, sounds, and scents is an illusion, a show put on for us by our brain? How do I know if my reality is the same as yours? Does time really stop in frightening situations? Who is in control? Are we the captain of our own ship or do our decisions and actions have more to do with massive neural machinery operating out of sight? Why aren’t we just unconscious beings? Why aren’t we all wandering around like mindless zombies? Why did evolution build a brain that’s conscious? Is it possible that we are living our lives like puppets at the mercy of a system that is pulling our strings and determining what we do next? Our brains make social judgements constantly. But do we learn this skill from life experience, or are we born with it? Why do movies make us weep, laugh, gasp? Why do rejection hurts? Why do genocide happen at all? What do the next thousand years have in store for us? In the far future, what human race be like?

The brain’s plasticity allows new inputs to be interpreted. What sensory opportunities does that open up? What if we could have real- time data streamed into our body, so that it became part of our direct experience of the world? In other words, what if we could feel data? What if in the future, we don’t have to die? Would a working simulation of the brain be conscious? If the details were captured and simulated correctly, would we be looking at a sentinent being? Would it think and be self - aware? Is it possible to create a different kind of intelligence, of our own invention, from scratch? Can a computer think? What is required for consciousness? My conscious experience is mine, and yours is yours. So, how can it be studied using the scientific method? Are we already living in a simulation? Share to make it best book review.


So friends, I was into science and mysticism for quite a long time. I watched ‘MATRIX’ and I’m pretty sure many of you have watched it too. Do you guys remember how Neo could see things in slow- motion hahaha? And that’s how I ended up reading this book. Guys, you would be surprised that we time travel every day. Literally, this book answered almost all my questions I had in my mind as to who am I? What is reality? Believe me, this legendary book will feed your curiosity about the miraculously puzzling yet beautiful inner cosmos i.e. ‘The Brain’ in the best possible way.

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Dr. David has put so many real- time experiments, various hypothesis, several real life experiences to make this possible. I just love this man hahaha. I learnt to appreciate and to take good care of the miraculous inner cosmos within me. Also this book humbled me down. I did my personal research on science and mysticism and what I concluded is that both science and mysticism have a real meeting ground at the 3 words – I don’t know. Also as Dr. David once said, ‘Science is like sex, something sometimes useful come out of it. But that’s not why we are doing it. Rather it’s a way of knowing, it’s a collaborative way where we link arms, across space and across generations too.’ Who we become is up to us.
My personal rating – 10/10

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Well no doubt, if you are a curious little kid like me wondering about your very own existence and your destiny, this is just the book you need buddy. Also, please feel free to suggest any ideas or any questions you have in your mind right down in the comment section below. Share to make it in best book reviews . Stay safe. Take care.


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