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So, with a big cheerful smile and a feeling of well-being , I commence the topic, in which I will talk about "HEALTH" .

As we have already understood from my first and previous blog "WHAT IS HEALTH", I now move on to some deeper and important aspects of this topic.

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Starting with the first aspect of health that is -

Physical Health - physical well-being comprises of good health,fitness, disease-free body and owning healthy life-style which improves your overall physique.

Physical well-being can be attained by following modes-

  1. Starting from what we eat and drink-

    Eating vegetables and fruits is the right choice for a health body. I highly recommend my readers that what we eat and what we drink has a major impact on our body. So, eating the right thing is what we have to do from womb till tomb.
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    All fresh & colourful vegetables and fruits should be your priority along with drinking lots of fresh & clean water. Since our body is built from 70-80 % water. So, drinking water should always be our priority. Atleast 2-3 litres of water should be consumed in a day.

  2. Now, moving on to the second most important thing that one should always do along with proper and balanced nutrition is exercise.
    Since, what we eat has to be utilised and absorbed well in our body for the uptake of nutrition. Regular exercise and workout is something that plays a key role in it.
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    Exercising regularly not only helps you in well digestion, absorption and utilisation of food.
    But, it also helps in-

    1. Maintenance of good physique and body-shape.
    2. It provides strength to our bones and muscles.
    3. Exercising also helps in lifting your mood by releasing happiness hormones like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine etc.
    4. It also helps in boosting confidence in oneself because this is a human psyche that when you do good, when you look good and when you maintain a systematic daily schedule of the things you plan, it automatically helps you boost confidence and that feeling of satisfaction of achieving a target that you set for yourself in a day is just amazing.
    5. Exercising regularly also helps you heal from past physical injuries and pains.

    So, readers I recommend you all to exercise regularly for atleast 30 minutes to an hour a day out of your busy schedule.
    Because you are not going to realise this now, but once you start doing it and make it as a daily routine you'll surely feel the immense difference and effect of this change in your life.
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    As, a personal experience I would also like to recommend my readers to take atleast an hour for yourself. And, practice different exercises according to your comfort be it dumbbells, pushups, running, swimming,jogging, weight lifting, dancing , aerobics,yoga etc at your choice of place be it gym, home , park or whatever place you like.
    I assure you that if you eat right and do exercise regularly you will see results in no time. But, major changes will surely develop in a month or two.

  3. The disease-free body-
    It isn't difficult to maintain a disease-free body until and unless you have really major issues. On a normal basis if you eat well excluding junk food and carbonated beverages from you diet or if you love consuming it then considering you as a less frequently eating one.
    I would say that healthy eating and healthy living is the foundation of a disease-free body.

    Healthy living includes proper hygiene of both your body as well as of the surrounding you live in. Hygiene and precaution is something that plays an important role here.
    Precautions can be regarding seasonal breeding infections or climatic change diseases. So, by implementing all the above mentioned points in life one can lead a healthy and fit life-style.

Now, proceeding to the other aspect of health that is, social well-being.

Social Well-being : social well being of an individual includes-

  1. Standard of living.
  2. Environmental quality.
  3. Education.
  4. Financial & work dimensions.
  5. Social connections.
  6. Quality of life.
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Standard of living measures how comfortable the life of a particular person or group is. That is , the level of wealth,comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain socio-economic class.
Quality of life measures how well we live. It includes socio-behavioural, personal,health care, educational and work lives.

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Social well-being can be achieved by following way-

  1. By maintaining the standard of your living.
  2. By attaining wisdom.
  3. By spending quality time with friends and family.
  4. By actively performing at work place and developing a cordial relationship with colleagues.
  5. By actively participating in events organized by society, office or by family.
  6. By daily practicing self-development and self-care.

Moving on to the last but not the least, the most streaming topic,that is, "Mental well-being (MENTAL HEALTH), which I feel has become a topic of concern with time.

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In my upcoming blogs, I will be talking about mental health, factors that can or may affect mental well-being, self-care, current topics and situations which are related to disturbance of mental health and many more.

So, from now on I will mainly focus on MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. As I feel that it's the need of the moment.

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